Where are they now?

In 2015, thanks to some generous funding from the Region of Bourgogne, we were able to take on a big team of early career researchers and students.  The scientific outputs of this team will be forthcoming, but we are very pleased to say that of the five who were searching for PhD places, all five have been awarded funding to carry out a PhD.  Here’s the details:

  • Lydia Dubourg, Research Assistant on our Memory and Consciousness in Alzheimer’s disease —> Going to Geneva University to work with Stéphane Eliez
  • Christophe Fitamen, Research Assistant on a project on novelty in Alzheimer’s disease —> Going to the University of Fribourg to work with Valérie Camos
  • Jonathan Fortier, M2R with Chris —> Going to Angers to work with Philippe Allain
  • Laurène Gourisse, M2R with Céline —> Going to Amiens to work with Olivier Godefroy
  • Léa Martinon, M2R with Céline  —> Going to Northumbria University to work with Leigh Riby

We are very proud of their achievements. None of it would have been possible without the support of Alex Ernst, who as our postdoc, helped supervise, organise and motivate the team.  Alex has won her own postdoc funding and will move to Liege to work with Arnaud d’Argembeau


3 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. I just discover this article, this year was a amazing pleasure for me too ! I’m sure that we shall reform very soon our French/English/Scottish team for new adventures.

  2. I have just found out this article too!! What can I say except that it was an amazing year (personally and professionally !) and that I miss the team! But no doubts that our team’s adventures will continue!

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